Updates on the process

Update 7th December 2016

Ireland’s second Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-2018 is now published by Minister Paschal Donohoe and the Dept. of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Download and read the National Action Plan here [PDF] [Word format]


Update 17th November 2016

Ireland’s Draft second National Action Plan 2016-2018 is now published and open for consultation at:

The consultation is open until the 30th November at 17:00. You can make a submission online on the consultation portal, or by post, email or phone.

Please note, this is a two week consultation so you are encouraged to participate early. This also benefits others who can read your view and information shared while the consultation is open.

A table outlining how submissions are reflected in the draft plan will be posted on the 18th November.

Update 3rd November 2016

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) are today circulating the second draft National Action Plan (NAP) as a Memo to Government for comments. An updated document will be presented at a Government meeting on 15th November.

Subject to the Government’s approval, the second draft NAP will be published on the Open Government Partnership consultation portal on 16th or 17th November. The draft NAP will be open for submissions on the portal for two weeks.
(Please note the timeframe of two weeks for the second stage of the consultation).

UPDATE 26th October 2016 : The Dept of Public Expenditure and Reform requested CiviQ to compile an independent list of possible actions based on proposals shared in submissions and civic forums.

This list is now published. Possible actions are listed, together with submissions that are relevant to that action, as well as related civic forum comments.

Submissions that had general comments to make or from which a concrete action was not stated, are listed as general.

The table is searchable by keyword.

The department will consider this table, together with other potential actions, with regard to resources currently available to the government, in devising the Draft National Action Plan.

There is the opportunity to comment on this ‘possible list of actions‘ during the second stage consultation on the national action plan.


The first phase of the public consultation on the Open Government partnership Second National Action plan is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated in the process.

Submissions and inputs from Civic Forums are now being compiled and considered by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in the development of a Draft National Action Plan.

As part of the process for this stage, CiviQ has been contracted by the Department to independently suggest a list of possible actions based on the submissions and views expressed during the consultation. The purpose is to provide transparent, independent assistance to the process.CiviQ will publish this list during the week of 24th October 2016 on the OGP website instead of the week of 17th of October as originally stated.

CiviQ’s independent analysis was compiled based on the following criteria:

Actions should:
· Demonstrate ambition
· Have transformative potential
· Are relevant to the values of transparency, accountability and public participation and
· Are specific, time-bound and measurable.
· And are as inclusive as possible of the range of submissions received

The Department of Publish Expenditure and Reform, will consider these along with other possible commitments, in developing the second National Action Plan. The Department will use these same criteria in developing the Draft in addition to the criterion that actions can be achieved based on existing resources at the government’s disposal.

Once a draft is compiled it will be submitted to the Minister and then to Government for review. The Department will then publish the Draft National Action Plan for consultation in November. This second round of consultation is later than expected given the increase in number of submissions that were received near the end of the consultation period.

Following consultation, the Department will revise and finalise the plan, to submit to the Open Government Partnership.

Participants will have the opportunity to raise any observations on the independent suggested list during the formal second stage of consultation on the Draft National Action Plan.

Further updates on the process of the consultation will be published on this site. Updates will be communicated to participants, stakeholder mailing lists and via social media.