About Us

About us

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has commissioned CiviQ to facilitate an open, transparent and impartial consultation process.

CiviQ has been contracted to provide an impartial and transparent means to identify potential commitments for Ireland’s Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan 2016-2018 and to encourage the greatest possible engagement by individuals and civil society groups.  Our ambition is to identify practical but challenging commitments that can be implemented using the existing resources at the Government’s disposal but with the potential to be measurable, clearly relevant to the OGP’s values and of transformative impact. Potential commitments will be examined in detail at Civic Forums to be held in September.

CiviQ will identify participants for that Civic Forum so as to ensure that the potential commitments being discussed are of interest to those present, relevant expertise is available and society is fairly represented. Additional participants will be selected randomly and where possible, an alternative date offered to those not selected. We will aim to ensure everyone is given an opportunity to have their say, that there is a diversity of input and that Irish civic life, including businesses, minority groups or vulnerable public service users are represented at the Civic Forums.

To contact CiviQ about this consultation and submission process, please call +353-86-1408681 or email ogp@civiq.eu.