List of possible actions published

The Dept of Public Expenditure and Reform requested CiviQ to compile an independent list of possible actions based on proposals shared in submissions and civic forums.

CiviQ’s independent analysis was compiled based on the following criteria:
Actions should:
· Demonstrate ambition
· Have transformative potential
· Are relevant to the values of transparency, accountability and public participation and
· Are specific, time-bound and measurable.
· And are as inclusive as possible of the range of submissions received

This list is now published. Possible actions are listed, together with submissions that are relevant to that action, as well as related civic forum comments.

The table is searchable by keyword.

The department will consider this table, together with other potential actions, with regard to resources currently available to the government, in devising the Draft National Action Plan.

There is the opportunity to comment on this ‘possible list of actions‘ during the second stage consultation on the Draft National Action Plan.

List of possible actions published

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