Welcome to Open Government Partnership Ireland website. The aim of this site is to provide information to help you participate effectively in developing Ireland’s Second National Action Plan.  Using the links below you can go directly to a dedicated Open Consultation Portal to read the consultation document, find out how you can participate in the process, and make an open submission. On this site you can also find further information on the OGP process and find out where discussions are happening on social media.

  • Consultation


Visit the Open Consultation Portal to learn about the full consultation process. You can make open public submissions and participate in civic forums which will be held in September 2016.

Visit the Consultation Portal to read the initial consultation document. This explains the purpose of the consultation and sets out questions relating to the formation of the Second National Action Plan.


Visit the portal to make your online submission. The earlier you submit, the more people can benefit from your views and knowledge. You will also have more choice in the civic forums you may wish to attend.


This site hosts FAQs, resource links, links to social media sites where the consultation is being discussion. There is also an archive of information from the previous national action plan consultation.



Press Release

Minister Donohoe initiatiates public consultation on Govt transparency and accountability Success of international Open Government Partnership initiative to be built upon through Second…


Dates for the Civic Forums

If you make a submission you will be invited to express your interest in participating in one or more of the Civic Forums and your preference for each of the available dates.

  • 8 September in Dublin City Centre (Morning)
  • 14 September in Kilkenny City Centre (Afternoon)
  • 22 September in Dublin City Centre (Morning) and
  • 27 September in Dublin City Centre (Morning).

More information will be posted on these upcoming events soon.