Ireland is taking part in an important international initiative, the Open Government Partnership. Our nation’s journey towards full participation in the OGP – to open up government action to peoples across the globe – has started. The OGP conversation is the reason for this website. It is here as a hub to support civil society involvement with the OGP as Ireland prepares to publish its first National Action Plan in May 2014.


Ireland’s National Action Plan

Work on drafting Ireland’s first National Action Plan is at an advanced stage – the idea is to publish it at the OGP Europe Regional Conference in May. Since February 2014 civil society members and government officials have held regular meetings. Here are the working documents - including the latest draft of the NAP from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, and civil society’s proposals for inclusion.

Get Involved

At the core of the OGP is the idea that government and civil society work together to ensure more open government. A Civil Society Forum has come together to encourage Irish participation in the OGP.

It is a loose network of organisations and individuals and is open to anyone to join. The Forum meets regularly to discuss progress towards Ireland’s first National Action Plan. More details – including notes of meetings and working documents – are available here.

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